OPEN 2018:

The Period 23/6-16/8

Tuesday through Sunday: at 11:00-17:00

Guided tours of the plant at 11:00, 13:00 och 15:00

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The industrial revolution of Sweden


During the years 1850-1950, Sweden went through a stunning transformation from being one of Europe´s poorest agricultural countries to become a wealthy nation with prosperity and welfare. It is important that we are aware that our prosperity rests on that we continue to be an export-oriented industrial nation with a strong engineering industry. As a developing country we had famine, famine and mass migration. As a developed country, we have prosperity, welfare and immigration.

The story of how the transformation happened is important to share and reflect upon. From 1890 and until 1950, the growth act was stronger in Sweden than in any other country. Engineering industry progress was crucial for the development. At Ebbamåla Bruk, which is probably the best preserved and most complete engineering of the time, you can experience and learn about the era.

Take a guided tour through the history and the factory. Listen to the story and see the hydro plant, model carpentry, iron foundry, the forge, a large mechanical workshop with belt drive and direct current. There is also an engineer villa, worker barracks, bomb shelter, pump house and park with arch bridge, pond and a greenhouse for grapes.

Visit the new exhibition MADE IN SWEDEN. Here you can see a large number of the inventions that astounded the world and provided Sweden revenues and a worldwide reputation as a leading industrial nation. The exhibition is built with the support of the National Heritage Board.

Book a village-tour in the industrial landscape by Mörrumsån. The village reflects the industrialization and constitutes a veritable industrial historic park. Here was a starch factory, distillery, wool factory, dairy etc. The small industries disappeared, the houses remains together with a fascinating history.


  • Café with outdoors serving by the Mörrum river

  • Factoryshop with products shaped in forge, foundry and carpentry

  • Hostel in the carefully restored workershouse

Member of the Swedish Industrial Association and TICCIH. The labor museums cooperation organization